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    Top Digitex srl is a PMI located in Italy, specialized in textile machines for pre-treatment, digital printing and finishing of fabrics.

    The company originates in 1998 through the efforts of Ferruccio Torri and his family thanks mainly to the patent for the movement of fabric and the production of ink-jet plotters. Today they employ 4 people and have a vast network of collaborators and suppliers.

    In 2017 the company changed name and became a corporation, maintaining competence, clients and networks acquired over the years.


    Top Digitex participates actively in the development of ink-jet plotters and machines for the textile industry.

    They were the first company in Europe to develop a mechanical system to adapt ink-jet plotters to the textile sector.

    The systems have been installed in Europe, India, Brazil, The United States and today are number 2 market leader in utilizing this patented system. On the basis of this experience, the company continues to develop machines able to prepare and finish fabrics such as scarves, coaters, vaporizers, washing and drying.