R&D Top Digitex

Innovative Infra-Red
textile Drying Systems


The infra-red drying systems transfer heat by irradiance and works directly on water and other solvents causing them to evaporate while the fabric and the ambient remain cool and protected.

The infra-red ovens have one or two lamps which, appropriately calibrated in wavelength, form and strengthen the substrata and preserve its characteristics. In addition, the infra-red drying accelerates production, improves quality and allows for saving energy and reducing cost.

The infra-red lamp’s quartz tube holding the filament, becomes incandescent and is extremely fragile and sensitive to movement; The Research & Development department at Top Digitex in cooperation with F TEX, Company Partner, have conducted market research to propose an equally efficient but less fragile solution, finding a drying system of infra-red panels, with an insulating base which is not as delicate and had already been proven in other manufacturing sectors.


Modifying technology from other areas, our Researchers have engineered innovative ovens for drying with infra-red panels specifically designed for the textile market.

The conformation of the filament in the panels allows for a more rapid start and stop and a resulting quicker lowering of temperature guaranteeing energy saving and augmented velocity in production; an ideal solution above all for small and medium range production.

The drying with infra-red panels is ideal for all types of fibers, colors, dimensions and production using sufficient energy required for drying fabrics and assuring a real energy reduction.



Power Calculator

The Researchers at Top Digitex, rregulating the wavelength emission of the panels have managed to optimize the effect of the rays on water and the process of drying fabrics. They elaborated a Power Calculator to make panels suited to any type of production and fabric.


The Top Digitex infra-red panel drying systems are customized solutions adapted with precision in terms of form and performance to the process of working fabric, to the respective production phases, to the type of fabric and its properties. They guarantee uniform heating and drying without energy loss allowing the textile manufacturing industry to noticeably accelerate the production process, reducE costs and augment the quality of the textile product.

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