R&D Top Digitex, 20 years of INNOVATION

TOP DIGITEX today offers the possibility for production and wholesale companies in the clothing sector, in the textile machinery sector, and in the production and treatment of fabrics to personalize each module and adapt machines to single production necessities. See several successful Projects or Case studies:


  • 1998, START!Digital Plotter: The First Modifications for Printing on Fabric

    TOP DIGITEX is a Como Company that has been working in the Como textile districtfor generations. Originating in 1998, in collaboration with expert electronic, software and ink companies in the region, they patented and made the first Digital Plotter modified for printing directly on fabric, starting a new era in digital printing in the sector.

    Strong in innovative technology in textiles thanks to new partnerships, TOP DIGITEX specializes in engineering, prototypes and the production of machinery for digital printing on fabric and personalization of plotters on the market, to improve performance and respond to the needs of diverse textile productivity.
  • 2002Ad Hoc Innovative Solutions 👌🏼

    Four years later the direction of the Family Company passes to, Matteo Torri, engineer who has always worked in Research and Technological Innovation.

    With Matteo Torri, TOP DIGITEX centers its manufacturing efforts in innovation in the textile sector introducing a Research and Development department aimed at analyzing the client’s manufacturing from understanding their necessities to engineering solutions and modifying plotters ad hoc to adapt their production line to dimensions, technology, power, capacity, productivity, materials and the quality of printing requested.
  • 2008Transformation Plotter Kit

    Thanks to modifications made on several plotter brands such as Mimaki, Roland, Mutch, TOP DIGITEX receives requests from foreign companies ,particularly in Europe, America and India to customize and to patent the first Graphic Plotter Transformation Kits , which allow for printing directly on fabric.

    The first collaborations of the Company with big international groups such as MS Printing, Mimaki an D.gen Inc begin which in 2008 the use of the TOP DIGITEX cylInder system lands on the market augmenting the investments to support increased production. Agreements with foreigners for the production of hundreds of kits such as the one for Texsoco, an emerging Indian company who ordered more than 200 plotter modifier kits for one of the most important silk markets, Asia.
  • 2012-2014Partnership with FTEX 🫱🏼‍🫲🏽

    In 2012, thanks to Matteo’s vision of sharing, development in innovation, and due to the network of companies and professionals, over years of activity, he has built a profitable partnership with FTEX, ua Como company, with vast experience in digital printing machines enables the creation of an entirely customized Plotter.

    In 2014 most of the small to middle sized Lombard companies are bought up, closed or incorporated in big groups standardizing their production making commercial machines; TOP DIGITEX AND FTEX went against the grain and continued to develop ad hoc solutions in the textile sector specializing in specific requests such as digital printing on polyurethane and on carpets.
  • 2020 - 2023Industry and 4.0 Sustainability ♻️

    The market evolves, interest in the textile sector in 2020 moves from the single machine to control of the entire process. TOP DIGITEX was always moving in this direction, seeking along with their clients rapid and innovative solutions adapted to their specific production necessities and in personalizing finding the solution to their every need.

    TOP DIGITEX becomes involved in research projects to integrate with company systems, traceability in Block Chain and interconnection,(as in TRAME Project in the Lombardy Region); The first feed and color degassing systems are born, as well as machines for continuous or discontinuous vaporizing, hot air and infra-red drying systems, automated systems of movement, specific control of the line in the optic of 4.0 computerization and industry with energetic and environmental sustainability.