Machines And Accessories

The experience developed over 20 years of history at Top Digitex allow us to individualize accessories and machines crossing different sectors and treatments.

If you have particular needs we are happy to find the most opportune solutions: plotter modification, drying systems, continuous and discontinuous vaporizing. Accessories for cutting, cleaning and ink feed.


There are four areas where TOP DIGITEX has developed systems to increase the quality, performance and productivity of their digital printing lines. Through focused internal investments, over the years Top Digitex has developed specific solutions to respond to needs in single phases within the digital printing process. The historic company system is the digital plotter kit which over the years has adapted the plotter to various brands - Mimaki, Mutch, Epson, Roland...

The feed and color degassing systems were the first accessories developed and foresee 2 base models - with barrels and weir and weight sacks - that can be customized to client needs.

The drying machinery range from single lamp with infra-red technology to machines complete with hot air or infra-red in batch mode or continuous.

The vaporizing competence provide machines for sample production or continuous systems developed for materials in bolt or discontinuous. Systems for cutting fabric to measure suited to management activity and quality control.