TOP DIGITEX srl is a design and manufacturing SME based in Italy, specialized in textile machines for preparation, digital printing and fabric finishing.
    The company was founded in 1998 by Ferruccio Torri and his family on the basis of a patent concerning fabric movement methods for the manufacturing of ink jet plotters. Now it includes 4 internal people and a large network of collaborators and suppliers.
    In 2017 the company changed business name becoming a capital company keeping skills, customers and networks acquired over the years.

    TOP DIGITEX is an active participant in the development of ink jet plotters and on machines needed by textile market. It was one of the first company in Europe to develop mechanical system to get ink jet plotter for textile. Its systems have been installed in Europe, India, Brazil, USA and today 2 market leaders use this patented system. Based on this expertise the company continues to develop machines able to prepare, print and finish the fabric like sprayers, spreading machines, baths and wringing machines, dryers, steamers.


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