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TRAME Project: final meeting with Partners.

Technical meeting of TRAME Project

On June 24th, 2020, a meeting was held with the partners of the TRAME project at the Uboldi Luigi Textile Mill to provide a technical update on the progress of activities, with a particular focus on specific aspects of supply chain traceability.

The project supply chain goes from warping to finishing, including weaving, treatments, printing, and, of course, transportation. The project’s goal is the traceability of each step and the acquisition of data in blockchain to ensure its security and immutability.

Another central aspect is energy and environmental sustainability: for this reason, much of the collected information will refer to the consumption of different production stages. Not all processes are equal: while compressed air may be the main source of consumption in some cases, in others, it may be steam or even electrical energy. The acquisition of such diverse data will, therefore, require interfacing with various specific software, sensors, and IoT devices.

The ultimate goal of the TRAME project is the complete traceability of production flows through blockchain, a technology that will ensure the origin and accuracy of information related to the product and the consumption generated during its production. Consumers and customers will be able to access the acquired data, which aims to highlight environmental sustainability and enhance Made in Italy fabrics.

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