Technical meeting of TRAME Project

TRAME Project: final meeting with Partners.

After nearly two years of activity the TRAME project comes to a close. With today’s meeting the partners can summarize what they have achieved, sharing (and celebrating) the results of their collaboration. Product sustainability, process sustainability and social sustainability: these are the goals reached by the recent work at Top Digitex, Foodchain, Tessitura Uboldi Luigi and Sait introducing Block Chain Traceability for the entire textile production cycle to certify energy consumption and the final product.

The integration of smart meter lot machinery guarantees the recording of energy consumption but also information on temperature and humidity while using ERP software, specific devices and RFID labels and QRcode for gathering and communicating all information inherent to the fabric itself and its manufacture.

The traceability made possible by TRAME project involves the entire textile thread in externalized and internal work phases. The dApp designed a decentralized, stable and secure application communicating with RFID and QRcode tag following the fabric during delivery as well as giving the supplier the possibility to integrate the information recorded in Block Chain with details on their manufacturing.

All the goals of the project have been reached: the manufacturing data collected and the veracity certified by Block Chain allows the manufacturing companies to analyze their environmental output and make eventual changes to favor the sustainability of the process as well as guaranteeing the total transparency of the final product for the client and buyer.

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